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For your convenience, we have given you the option to purchase certain services in advance. Please note: If you have received a discount card or if you are eligible for any of our regular discounts (listed below) please do not purchase your service in advance so that we may apply your discount. All services purchased online are non-refundable and expire one year from the date of your purchase. 


Swedish massage is ideal for those looking to relax with soothing massage strokes ranging from light to medium pressure 

60 minute Swedish    $70

90 minute Swedish    $90

120 minute Swedish  $125


Deep Tissue massage targets specific problem areas by addressing the deeper layers of muscles. This therapeutic massage is ideal for those experiencing muscle tension. 

60 minute Deep Tissue      $80

90 minute Deep Tissue      $100

120 minute Deep Tissue    $135



Sports Massage is ideal for athletes and workout/fitness enthusiasts. This service will incorporate stretches and range of motion techniques to help improve mobility and flexibility before or after your event or workout. 

90 minute Sports Massage   $110

PRENATAL MASSAGE (2nd and 3rd Trimester only!)

Prenatal or pregnancy massage is the only service that can be performed on our expectant mothers. This massage is performed in the side lying position. When booking your appointment please be sure to mention your pregnancy.

60 minute Prenatal    $80


Exfoliate your skin with this relaxing combination of a moisturizing 

sugar scrub and warm towels. This service is

ideal for people in need of hydrating and polishing their skin. 

*please note: if you are pregnant you may not receive this service


60 minute body scrub  $120


Combine the hydrating and moisturizing benefits of a sixty-minute body scrub 

with the therapeutic benefits of a sixty-minute massage. 

*please note: if you are pregnant you may not receive this service

60 minute body scrub + 60 minute massage    $200


A relaxing exfoliation and moisturizing hand and foot massage designed 

to soften and smooth the skin of the hands and feet using a sugar scrub

and warm towels.  

*please note: if you are pregnant you may not receive this service

30 minute hand and foot scrub     $40


Melt your tension away with a deeply soothing hot stone massage 

*please note: Due to the required set up and preparation, 

the cancellation policy is strictly enforced for this service

60 minute hot stone massage   $125

90 minute hot stone massage   $160

** please note; prices subject to change without notice

Regular Discounts: Military, Police officers, Fire rescue, and EMT. Please be sure to mention your eligibility for any of these discounts at the time you book your appointment

(These regular discounts may not be combined with any other specials or deals.)