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how to relieve stress and anxiety

4 Unexpected Tips to Help you manage stress and anxiety

March 24, 2021

4 Unexpected Tips to Help you Manage stress and anxiety

Written by Noel Williams


Seriously! Take your time and CHEW-YOUR-FOOD. This is a popular mindfulness technique to help you focus your thoughts. While you are eating make a conscious effort to savor the flavor, texture, and taste of each bite. Doing this forces your mind to slow down and focus on one thing. Eventually, you will be able to apply this mindfulness technique to all other areas of your life. Most people feel overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious because they are often thinking (worrying) about a million things at the same time.


Taking away phones, tablets, and TV time may be a punishment for your children, but it will be a saving grace for your anxiety. "Punish yourself" every now and then by putting your phone away and limiting your TV time. Yes, the advancement of technology has made our lives easier in so many ways, BUT now that we have unlimited access to unlimited information ALL-THE-TIME our brains cannot disconnect and unplug unless we disconnect and unplug our devices. Nothing triggers anxiety more than being overloaded with news, information, and situations that you absolutely cannot control. 


Well, maybe not literally... but do spend time outside! Being outdoors is highly effective in alleviating stress. Nature has a calming and restorative effect on the mind and body. We are approaching consistently beautiful Spring weather so no excuses not to get outside! Whether you go for a walk around your neighborhood or to a local park, find a way to spend at least one hour a day outside. Immerse yourself in the details of being outside. Allow yourself to observe and appreciate the details and beauty in nature.

If you need a great local park to visit, try Huntley Meadows. Its right here in Alexandria and is a BEAUTIFUL hidden gem!

4) CRY

Crying is cathartic. We cry when we are sad. We cry when we are happy. We cry when we are in pain. Crying is your body's natural physical expression of intense emotion. When you suppress intense emotions, your mind and body are in a conflicted state. This conflict of emotions is what leads to a build up of stress and anxiety. Sometimes you have to let it out so you can let it go! 

 I hope you found these tips to be helpful! Today is a great day to start implementing these into your life. See you soon!


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V Steam in Alexandria Virginia

What are V Steams?

April 6, 2020

What are V Steams?

Written by Noel Williams

V Steam, also called Yoni or vaginal steam, is an ancient practice of women’s health. Before we had the modern-day gynecological practices that we have today, our ancestors used V Steams to treat their “lady issues”. When steaming, a woman simply sits over a pot of boiled herbs and lets the steam rise to her “yoni”. The steam of the herbs can have physiological effects on the yoni, womb, and the body. This practice is both spiritually and physically stimulating.

I started my journey with V Steaming several years ago with the sole purpose of addressing my fibroids. I was so focused on addressing the fibroids that I did not realize I was going to experience all the other wonderful benefits of steaming. I have had cramps with my periods for as long as I can remember. When I started taking birth control pills in my early twenties, I also developed hormonal migraines with my periods. I essentially became a prisoner to my period. I had to plan activities… vacations… job interviews… dates… my entire life around when my period was expected to arrive. Shortly after I started steaming consistently, my periods improved in every way imaginable. In addition to no longer experiencing cramps, migraines, or mood swings with my periods, my fibroids are shrinking :-)

Before stumbling upon the practice of steaming, I had no idea this was available for women. I had never heard of such a thing! The first time I was told about V Steams, I remember exclaiming “you want me to steam what?!” When I think about all the years I suffered through my periods, I truly wish I discovered steaming sooner. I want to help other women achieve the “perfect period” as well as build a sense of confidence in herself. I want women to know that there are alternative options for some of the most common everyday “lady issues”.

Please read below for a list of some of the reported benefits of V Steams

•Better sleep/lucid dreams

•Circulation improvement

•Decrease in PMS symptoms

•Decrease of ingrown hairs

•Emotional balance

•Fewer headaches

•Heightened libido

•Heightened fertility

•Increased lubrication

•Menstrual harmonization with the moon cycle

•Reduction of fibroids and cysts


•Scar softening

•Tightens and tones

Please note: While steaming is beneficial to most women, there are certain instances where a woman should not steam. 

Those are as follows; 

1) If she is currently on her period or experiencing ANY red or pink discharge, spotting, or bleeding

2) If she is pregnant

3) If she is currently TRYING TO conceive AND has  already ovulated this month WITH the possibility of insemination

4) If she is currently prone to heavy spontaneous bleeding between periods or experiences two periods per month

V Steam sessions may be scheduled with Noel. A consultation is required for this service. You must call or email to schedule.

Massage therapy for pain management

How massage therapy can help with pain

June 22, 2019

How massage therapy can help with pain

Written by Noel Williams


Massage therapy is one of the oldest and most effective forms of alternative healing. With recorded origins of massage therapy dating as far back as 3000BC in the ancient cultures of Egypt and China, massage therapy has been used to heal the body's ailments naturally and holistically.


One of the greatest physical benefits of massage therapy is pain relief. There are over 600 muscles in the body. Massage techniques such as deep tissue or trigger point, identify, target, and then release the specific muscles contributing to your pain. When you experience pain in a particular muscle group or area (for example; tension headaches, often felt in the neck, shoulders, and base of the skull) and you take over the counter or prescription painkillers, your entire body including your organs are impacted. Painkillers work by inhibiting your brain's perception of pain. The pain is still there. You have merely temporarily dulled the intensity of the sensation of the pain. Between the depressant effects on the central nervous system and the effects on the detoxifying organs such as the liver and kidneys, long term use of pain killers wreck havoc on the body. Massage therapy can address the root cause of your pain by targeting specific muscles. Still using the example of tension headaches, if the muscles of your shoulders and neck are chronically tight, your pain will return once the painkillers have worked their way out of your system. The cycle of only masking your pain with more over the counter and prescription painkillers continues.


Consistent massage therapy makes an excellent preventative and maintenance health routine. Much like eating healthy or working out, massage is best if its received on a regular and consistent basis. For most people receiving a massage at least once a month makes significant improvements in the overall quality of life. 

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