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Serenity Dollars!

We appreciate your referrals!!! 

As a token of our appreciation for your referrals we are offering you some great rewards. 

For every person you refer to our business, you will receive ten Serenity Dollars ($10). 

These Serenity Dollars (referral credits) can be used as a discount or saved until you have enough for a free service altogether. You will be able to manage and keep track of your referral credits in your mindbody account.  

For example: If you have referred two people you will have $20 Serenity Dollars. You may redeem that $20 referral credit and receive a $20 discount. If you referred nine people you will have $90 of referral credits (which is of equal value to a one-hour Swedish massage) This session would be FREE.  

Make sure you tell your referrals to mention your name 

at the time they book their appointment! **


**Please Note: You will receive referral credit once your referral has scheduled AND received a service. You will not receive a credit if your referral cancels their scheduled appointment. Credit for your referral will only be applied once per person for his or her first visit with us. You cannot gain multiple credits for the same referral. Your Serenity Dollars may not be gifted to another individual. Serenity Dollars do not cover gratuity. May not be combined with any other offers or discounts.