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Facials are now available for scheduling with Kita! Enjoy 15% off your first classic facial service with Kita.  Facials can now be scheduled by phone OR online!  

Kita works on:

Tuesdays 10am - 3pm

Wednesdays 12pm - 6pm

Thursdays 4pm - 8pm

Fridays 10am - 3pm

Saturdays 10am - 2pm


  • While the use of certain products may vary based on your skin type and specific needs, all of our facials include an in-depth skin analysis with complimentary aromatherapy, a gentle pore opening steam treatment, a thorough and deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions (if needed)

  • If you are planning to schedule a massage AND a facial on the same day, please note that your services will be performed in separate rooms. We provide complimentary comfy-cozy robes and slippers for your transition from one service room to another. Also, if you are planning to schedule a massage AND a facial on the same day, you MUST receive your massage BEFORE your facial. The effectiveness of the facial products may be compromised if you receive a massage immediately after your facial.

  • You are required to submit a facial intake form prior to your appointment so Kita can prepare for your session. The link to the facial intake form can be found in the required forms section of the booking confirmation email you will receive when your facial is scheduled. 

  • We require 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule multiple appointment bookings and 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule single appointment bookings. Failure to provide the applicable 48 or 24 hours notice may result in the late cancel/reschedule fee which is 50% of the regular rate of the scheduled service.  To cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call 571.419.8543 or email

Types of Classic Facials


The Serenity Signature Facial is a relaxing facial that is fully catered to what your skin needs for optimal health. The Serenity Signature Facial will leave your skin with a soft moisturized texture and vibrant glow. This facial is ideal for those looking to maintain a regular skin care routine to retain the overall improved appearance and health of the skin.

60 minute Signature Facial $140

90 minute Signature Facial $190


The Crystal Clear Facial works to improve, revitalize, and clear acne prone skin. This facial is ideal for those who want to start the journey towards clearer and healthier skin.

60 minute Crystal Clear Facial $140

90 minute Crystal Clear Facial $190


Our Citrus Lotus Facial is aimed at improving dark spots and blemishes. The Vitamin C infused products in this facial will help your skin achieve a radiant glow with an even skin tone. This facial is ideal for those who struggle with those stubborn dark spots and blemishes.

60 minute Citrus Lotus Facial $140

90 minute Citrus Lotus Facial $190


Bacne aka Back Acne is extremely common. Because the back is such a hard to reach area, the back is often the most neglected and forgotten area of your skin care routine. The Clarifying Back Facial is ideal for those who struggle with back acne, scars, and blemishes. 

60 minute Clarifying Back Facial $120


The Rejuvenate Facial gives your skin an invigorating boost of stimulation by incorporating products that help with fine lines and wrinkles. This facial is ideal for those who are looking to even and improve the texture of their skin while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

60 minute Rejuvenate Facial $140

90 minute Rejuvenate Facial $190


Facial Enhancements

High Frequency Facial Enhancement  $40

High frequency incorporates the use of a non-invasive  high frequency electrical current. The benefits of high frequency may include reduction of fine lines, pores, inflammation, and puffy eyes. May also boost collagen production and fade dark eye circles


Hydrojelly Facial Enhancement $30

These fun masks are available in a variety of options that, much like our facial services, are catered to your specific needs. Hydro Jelly masks leave your face with a super soft and velvety smooth texture. You can choose your specific Hydro Jelly mask upon arrival to your appointment

Facial Scalp Massage Enhancement $20

Enhance your facial session with a relaxing scalp massage. Scalp massage helps stimulate hair growth and relieve stress

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