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Waxing services for hair removal at A Touch of Serenity

Waxing Services

Receive 10% OFF your first wax appointment.

(NOTE: first visit wax appoitnment discount may not be combined with any other offers or discounts) 


Waxing services can be scheduled with Kita on:

Tuesdays 10am - 3pm

Wednesdays 10am - 3pm

Thursdays 4pm - 9pm

Fridays 10am - 3pm

Saturdays 11am - 2pm

You must CALL to schedule all waxing services.

How to prepare for your wax session

Wax preparation tips

Hair length

The ideal lenth of your hair should be about the length of a grain of rice. If your hair is too short, the wax will not be able to grip the hair. If your hair is too long, the wax will not be able to pull the hair form the root. If your hair is SUPER long, you can trim (not shave!) your hair the day before or the day of your wax appointment.


To help make the waxing experience less painful and to help the hair pull more easily, it is recommended that you exfoliate your target areas as close to your wax appointment as possible. Using a nice fluffy loofah or exfoliating gloves in the shower would give you a great exfoliation.  


You should plan to get waxed consistently every 4-6 weeks and do NOT shave between wax appointments. Shaving between wax appointments will re-set the hair regrowth cycle, pattern, and texture. The more regularly you wax, the less painful and easier your wax appointments will become. Your hair will eventually start growing back at a slower pace with a finer texture.

Our wax services

We currently have wax packages available for our most popular wax services! 

6-session wax packages expire 6 months from the date of purchase.

12-session wax packages expire 12 months from the date of purchase.

Wax package sessions be shared with others. 


Waxing -- Background Pic.jpg

6-Package Brazilian For Her

($66.50 for each session)

12-Package Brazilian For Her

($63 for each session)

$70 for a single session

Waxing -- Background Pic.jpg

6-Package Brazilian For Him

($76 for each session)

12-Package Brazilian For Him

($72 for each session)

$80 for a single session

After wax care tips

Your pores are opened after getting waxed so they are more susceptible to dirt, germs, and bacteria which can lead to pimples or skin irriation. Please read these after wax care tips to help minimize any discomfort, irriation, or ingrown hairs.

  • Please refrain from working out or engaging in any other sweat producing activity for 24-48 hours after your wax appointment. 

  • Please refrain from applying any shower gels, body washes, or lotions directly on the waxed areas as these can lead to irritation or ingrown hairs while your pores are still open.  

  • To minimize redness, inflammation, and to help your pores close more quickly, you can use a cold compress on the waxed areas. Please refrain from using unwashed rags or washcloths as they can transfer bacteria to your opened pores.

  • You are more susceptible to sunburn after getting waxed. Please be sure to wear sunscreen 24-48 hours after your wax appointment.

  • You can resume all normal routines and activities (i.e. use of lotions, body washes, working out) 24 - 48 hours after your wax service. 

Leg waxing hair removal


  • Yes! You can get waxed if you are on your period. If you are on your period, you will need to wear a tampon during any bikini, brazilian, or buttocks wax service. Please note, you may be more sensitive to heat and pain during your cycle. 

  • Waxing can keep your skin hair free for up to 3-5 weeks. This time period can vary with each person due to different hair types and how consistently you wax

  • It means that the waxing is working! Since waxing slows and, in some cases, stops the growth cycle of your hair, it can be expected that your hair may grow back in fine patches. The more consistent you are about getting waxed regularly, the more likely your hair's regrowth pattern will level out.

  • Since your pores are wide open after getting waxed, you should wait 24-48 hours before engaging in any sweat producing activities. Engaging in activities that can produce sweat or transfer bacteria may cause ingrown hairs and you are more susceptible to infections and/or irritated skin.

    Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go-to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

    Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go-to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

  • Yes! Waxing is a great hair removal service for men. Men tend to have more heavily dense areas of hair in which the results of shaving are not as effective as waxing. In addition, your partner will greatly appreciate that your new after wax hair growth does not grow back in as a sharp and painful stubble.

    Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go-to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

  • Wax sticks are NEVER reused. Absolutely NO double dipping.. EVER! We dispose of our wax sticks after a single wax dip each and every time. 

  • The pain you may experience during a wax appointment varies depending on the area you are getting waxed and your personal pain tolerance. Please note: your first wax appointment is typically the most painful session. If you follow our wax preparation and aftercare tips (i.e. exfoliating regularly and not shaving between appointments), your subsequent wax appointments will be less painful each time

  • You can take a mild painkiller before your appointment to help minimize any pain

  • What you should wear to your wax appointment depends on the area to be waxed and your personal comfort and modesty level. 

    Here are a few suggestions and tips of what you should (or should not wear) to your wax appointment:

    • Avoid wearing clothes that will fit tightly over the area to be waxed. This can cause uncomfortable chafing or rubbing on your skin

    • For the back or chest wax, wear a darker colored soft shirt as wax can stain lighter colored fabrics

    • For an underarm wax, you may wear a sleeveless tank top so your underarms are easily accessible

    • For a lower leg wax, you may wear a skirt or loose fitting pants that can be rolled up. For a full leg wax, since the pants will need to be removed, be sure to wear old swimsuit bottoms or underwear. For all leg wax areas, avoid wearing fleece materials that have not been washed as fleece loves to adhere to freshly waxed skin. 

  • You should always ask your doctor or provider first before getting waxed but unless otherwise stated, getting waxed while pregnant is perfectly safe. Please note: pregnant clients can feel more sensitive to pain and heat

  • Here, at A Touch of Serenity, if you are under the age of 18, you need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian and your parent/guardian must sign a consent waiver in order for you to receive any waxing services. Please note: the minimum age for a Brazilian wax is 16. 

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