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Swedish Massage or Deep Tissue Massage

Relaxing and therapeutic massage
Swedish or deep tissue massage


Introduction to Swedish and deep tissue massage

A Touch of Serenity is massage and facial spa located in Alexandria, Virginia. Our therapists are licensed and trained in a wide variety of services and techniques. The most commonly asked service questions we receive are what is the difference between a Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage? And which type of massage should I schedule?  We are here to answer your questions!

What is a Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is one of the most commonly scheduled massage services. Since Swedish massage is typically the first modality taught in accredited massage schools, most licensed massage therapists are trained in this service. Swedish massage is an extremely relaxing service that incorporates long, gentle, and flowing massage strokes.  The pressure usually ranges from light to medium. Since Swedish massage is a gentler form of massage, this type of massage is typically safe for most people to receive. The primary benefits of Swedish massage are stress relief, improved circulation, and tension relief.

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What is a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is a more intense and concentrated massage than Swedish massage. Deep tissue massage techniques aim to release chronic muscular tension and pain by addressing the deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissues. There is typically a targeted focus on your specific problem areas with any deep tissue massage session.

In order to address the deeper layers of muscles, a deep tissue massage therapist may incorporate the use of forearms, elbows, knuckles, and thumbs. The primary benefits of a deep tissue massage are muscular tension and pain relief, release of toxins, improved posture, and breaking up scar tissue.

There is a common misconception that deep tissue work is supposed to be painful. Some people tend to have a no pain – no gain mindset when it comes to deep tissue work. This is false! While a deep tissue massage requires more pressure than a Swedish massage, you should never be in excruiating pain during your session. You should experience more of a “hurt so good” feeling during your session. It is common to feel sore after a deep tissue massage. This soreness is usually a result of your muscles being manipulated. The soreness you may experience after a deep tissue massage can feel similar to that after a workout.

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What type of massage should I schedule?

If you still aren't sure which type of massage is best for you, you can follow this simple rule of thumb. Generally speaking, a Swedish massage is ideal for those who are looking to relax and relieve minor muscular tension. Individuals who regularly experience high stress levels would greatly benefit from a Swedish massage. Deep tissue massage is ideal for those experiencing chronic muscular tension. Athletes and other individuals with physically demanding lifestyles or who have poor posture see a great deal of improvement with deep tissue massages.  

As a reminder, no matter which service you schedule, you should always let your therapist know if the pressure is uncomfortable. Never hesitate to let your therapist know at any point during your session if you would like more or less pressure.

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